Navire général is intriguing because of the enigmatic presence of large spotless sails. This kinetic media installation was commissioned by Printemps des Poètes, but each time it is mounted it takes on aspects of its latest stopping-place. The netting makes allegorical references to the first colonists, the importance of the waterways and of the river near Stewart Hall. The presence of local objects gathered near the community adds to the installation’s significance as an identity work.

Materials: Aluminium, motor, netting, mecanism, electronics.

Creative Process

For Myriam Lambert, identity lies at the heart of creation. This theme dictates the medium that she uses, one that is appropriate for the place of remembrance where the work takes place. Lambert sometimes creates installations; at other times, she creates photographs, literature or sound art. In all cases, she makes every effort to get us to question ourselves about our relationship with places of remembrance. She advances our common experience of this cultural reference point by immersing herself in the place so that she can encounter and experience it on her own.

The Artist

Myriam Lambert hails from Abitibi. A world traveller who follows wherever her art leads her, she has dropped anchor in various countries to create identity-related and mnemonic works through various artist residencies or with the support of cultural institutions. Lambert co-founded EXMURO, an organization mandated to disseminate art in the urban public space.



Myriam Lambert