The first of twelve outdoor works is now installed at Stewart Hall

Celebrations surrounding Canada 150

The first of twelve outdoor works is now installed at Stewart Hall

POINTE-CLAIRE, May 12, 2017 – Preparations for Pointe-Claire’s special cultural program for the celebrations surrounding Canada 150 are beginning to take shape with the installation of the first of a dozen outdoor works. These pieces make up the Geopoetics Exhibition that will transform Stewart Park into a creative, multi-faceted site of artistic activity.
The first of these pieces is entitled The Ten Public Works and was created this week by internationally renowned Canadian artist Giorgia Volpe, who is originally from Brazil. Members of the community joined in to collaborate with her on decorating the sculpture.
Consisting of recycled orange safety cones decorated by various people, the work celebrates the fraternity and sharing of fundamental values in the construction of Canada’s identity as a country.

The other eleven works that make up the Geopoetics Exhibition will be executed in the coming weeks and will change Stewart Park into a veritable creative path emphasizing the strengths and differences that have gone into the building of Canada from the time the country was founded.
“The year 2017 is a unique opportunity for us to highlight the integration and successful cohabitation of our multicultural/multiethnic citizens as well as the generosity and community/human fraternity of our society; it is also a chance to shine as a Canadian beacon for our entire metropolitan community,” said Pointe-Claire Mayor, Morris Trudeau.
This exhibition has received financial support from the Department of Canadian Heritage in the form of a Canada 150 Fund grant.

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