Through the works presented in the Stewart Hall Art Gallery Milutin Gubash symbolically recreates his relationship with his native country as part of a process of identity building. Borrowing visual codes from modern industrial design, his luminous installations also refer to family heritage, that is, the private and intimate space of the home. As such, they help visitors understand the link between heritage and identity, particularly in a context of mobility. Both a representation of an artistic pilgrimage and the echo of the artist’s own roots, this collection of light fixtures, with the appended personal narrative, raises questions about the impersonal, industrial feel of the works.

Materials: Lamps owned by the artist’s family members.

Creative Process

Born in Novi Sad (Serbia) Milutin Gubash immigrated to Canada with his parents at a very young age. He has retained, however, a deep attachment to his native land from stories his family passed on to him. Gubash’s highly biographical works explore the notions of identity and authenticity, while questioning our place in society.

The Artist

Milutin Gubash lives and creates in Montreal. Holding a master’s degree in photography from Concordia University, he has also completed two bachelor’s degrees, in photography and philosophy, at the University of Calgary. His artistic production in photography, video and performance art has been widely exhibited internationally since the early 2000s..


Milutin Gubash