Les dix travaux publics is a temporary in situ sculpture built with the participation of the local community as a reflection on signage systems, play, and society. The sculpture’s ten vertical elements are made of traffic cones that were transformed, superimposed and decorated with stencils to suggest the idea of an identity under construction. The motifs were designed by women from the local community, inspired by the traditional and cultural imagery of their different origins. This creation process echoes the process of identity building, as each person drew from their own cultural background to exchange with the other participants, as well as the artist. This contextual work evokes ideas of cultural hybridization, shifting cultural identities and accommodation.

Materials: Recycled traffic cones, paint, metal shafts, concrete bases.

Creative Process

Her creative process is characterized by a multidimensional reflection on our personal and shared background, on memory, our body and our environment. Her interest in popular culture and the many forms of human interactions encourages Volpe to create a dialogue between individuals and communities, reality and imagination, artisans and industry.

Although traffic cones are usually seen as a constraint in their natural environment, they can also be a sign of welcome and integration, as they often signal improvements to the urban landscape that will help foster the development and integration of local populations. Composed of many cultural elements from multiple contexts, the piece creates a dialogue between the urban landscape and our daily lives.

The Artist

Born in São Paulo (Brazil), Giorgia Volpe lives and works in Quebec City since 1998. A multidisciplinary artist, she holds a bachelor’s degree in art education from the University of São Paulo and a master’s degree in visual arts from Université Laval. She has participated in more than 140 solo and group exhibitions, and has realized numerous public interventions and artist residencies on five continents.