Les changements climatiques (Climate Change) series addresses a very well-known problem. Julie Picard has worked with recycled newspapers for nearly two decades – but first she takes the time to read them and collect weather forecast articles. She seeks to broaden our understanding of the land by highlighting temperature variations. This series is made up of 12 entomological frames containing a small amount of land and classified in chromatic order by the colour of each frame’s temperature at a particular moment in our history. Boundaries are adjusted here according to temperatures, and this, in turn, transforms how the land is represented.

Materials: Weather map printed on rice paper, 100 g Hahnemuhle acid-free, entomological frames, enamel insect pins.

Creative Process

Influenced by Joseph Beuys’s relationship to meaningful material, Picard quickly integrated recycled paper into her sculptural practice. Having grown up at a time when recycling came to be appreciated, the second material life of objects is fundamental to her creative process. Paradoxically, Picard is interested in the traces they leave and in their continuity, showing a preference for ephemeral, unstable and flexible interventions that basically bring us back to the condition of our existence..

The Artist

Julie Picard holds a degree from Laval University in Quebec City. She is very active in her community and sits on a number of boards of directors. Her work is also regularly exhibited in Canada and abroad. She is the winner of some 20 awards and scholarships. .




Julie Picard