Nicole Dextras proposes a reflection on the symbolism of language and the bilingual word HERITAGE. She presents an imposing typographic installation in the middle of Stewart Park showing that our heritage is anchored in the earth as deeply as the roots that literally and allegorically support it.
The three-dimensional wooden letters used in the installation have been laser cut to recreate the cartography of Canada’s rivers and lakes. Blue fabric lends colour and movement to the visual representation of our watershed. In the evening, the sculpture is illuminated from the inside to remind us that our heritage also flows from these waterways that cut across our country.

Materials: Wood (baltic birch), textile (polyester), lights.

Creative Process

This new creation continues in the line of Nicole Dextras’s artistic research. She uses social interventions and environmental installations to allow us to experience nature once again in our urban settings. For instance, she has organized public performances in Paris, Manhattan and Montreal, featuring models dressed in “Weedrobes.”

The Artist

Nicole Dextras is a graduate of the Emily Carr University of Art in Vancouver. She also taught there from 2003 to 2013. She continues to live and work in Vancouver and has had opportunities to show her creations in Canada, the United States and Asia.