Artist Aquil Virani talks about the successful vernissage of Geopoetics

The Geopoetics exhibitions’ vernissage was held on Sunday, June 11, 2017, at the Stewart Hall Art Gallery and in the magnificent surrounding Stewart Park located on the shores of Lake Saint-Louis.
A large-scale event, Geopoetics will be on display both inside and outside the Stewart Hall Art Gallery. This sumptuous building will house a summer exhibition that explores the idea of movement in the construction of our country. Geopoetics then continues into the neighbouring park where twelve outdoor art installations will be on view. Curator Kasia Basta has brought together works by 25 artists from all parts of Canada with the objective of encouraging the community to engage in a collective reflection on and celebration of Canada, its identity and its territory.
More than 650 people attended the vernissage.

Artist Aquil Virani – whose work entitled Canada’s Self Portrait  is on display at the Art Gallery – prepared this video which reflects the success and festive atmosphere of this event.


Du 11 juin au 15 octobre,
du lundi au dimanche, 13 h à 17 h
mercredi, 13 h à 21 h


Dimanche 11 juin, 13 h


Dimanche 15 octobre, 14 h