ECHO proposes listening to a foghorn recorded by the artist in the region of St. Lunaire-Griquet, in the Great Northern Peninsula on the island of Newfoundland. Like a dialogue between the sea and the coast, this sound resounds at regular intervals in a thick fog, forcing fishermen and other sailors to remain inland. Intense to their daily life, the residents of the coast sometimes live several days to the rhythm of this persistent sound that leads to dreaming of the distant. The installation also consists of photographs of the magnificent coastal landscape taken by the artist, austere and rocky, whose fog delicately reveals the contours.

Creative Process

Caroline Gagné is interested in the places she explores as the bearers of underlying content. She observes the subtle changes that, like clues, reveal the fragments of a wider story. Erosion, the fragility of ecosystems, the different atmospheres and the transformations of matter are tiny pieces of a story that she tries to unveil without explicitly demonstrating. It is through poetry that she speaks to us about her experiences of places through several mediums, such as public art, drawing, web art, installation and sound art.

The Artist

An artist in visual art and media, Caroline Gagné holds an MA in Interdisciplinary Arts from Université Laval and has been the artistic director of the Avatar Artist Center since 2013. In 2011, she received the Prix d’excellence des arts et de la culture of the City of Québec for her work CARGO. She has participated in various residencies, individual and group exhibitions and international events.




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