A participatory workshop

Under the theme of multiculturalism
And the construction of identity

Artist Giorgia Volpe led a creative workshop with several women from the community at the beginning of May 2017 at the Stewart Hall Cultural Center. Participants were invited to create stencils or cut out traditional motifs inspired by different cultures of Quebec and Canadian society to decorate orange cones provided by the City of Pointe-Claire public works. The artist then erected 10 ludic structures, in the manner of identity totems, under the name of  Ten public works.
A video demonstrates this workshop and the installation of this first artwork at the Stewart Park as part of the outdoor exhibition Geopoetics lays of the land.

Artist Aquil Virani – whose work entitled Canada’s Self Portrait  is on display at the Art Gallery – prepared this video which reflects the success and festive atmosphere of this event.


Wednesday May 10
9:30 a.m. to 4:30 p.m.